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The Initiation, Invoking Your Legacy-Level Impact into Form

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If you made it here, welcome.  I'm Asherah, and I empower smart, spiritual leaders to receive business clarity, abundance, and success.

I am not a business coach or strategist.

I'm an emotional + spiritual alchemist, transforming the "lead" of heavy emotions and spiritual wounding into pure gold.  

Hi, love. I'm Asherah. 

I am a non-lineage spiritual  teacher, author, former psychotherapist, former yoga teacher, and multiply-initiated priestess. 

I empower smart, spiritual leaders to cultivate higher levels of impact, curate excellence in their leadership, and to joyously deepen their connection to God/dess. 

This is an alchemical path. 

You are invited to remember who you are as an oracle of the God/dess.  To release ancestral and spiritual trauma.  And to alchemize it into the gold of impact, legacy, and leadership. 

The other path is a mystery school and facilitator training, where you are equipped to facilitate epic levels of transformation AND trauma resolution with your clientele; group; or team. 


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If you're here, you fit into one of two camps.  

Either you're full of (rightful) rage, anger and fury at masculine energy, including money and men. And desire to transform that into more flow with "masculine energy" and business clarity.



You have shame and fear. You know that you are worthy of abundance and the life that you've dreamed of. But you've struggled to bring it into form. You are ready to let those in + have business on your own terms. 

It's time to resolve this, love. 

The difference between me and other mentors is this:  You show up and do the work in your program + have the results.   No outside practices, whirling backwards in circles, or endless journaling required. 

Receive your free masterclass:  The Initiation: Invoking Your Highest Impact into Form.

The initiation was originally a live part masterclass where we invoked our higher selves as a form of the Divine;  called that down into the body; and then received lightening-fast clarity on the next levels of impact to create, now. 

Receive the past version of the core transmission as a gift, with immediate access.  



Work with Me.

Mentorship programs are individual + small group programs for "leaders of leaders";  who have already done at years or decades of personal work. 

One path is an initiatory journey. You reconnect, profoundly, to God. Release ancestral and spiritual trauma.  And alchemize them into the business clarity and emotional liberation that you desire. 

The other path is a facilitator training, where you learn to facilitate spiritual transformation and trauma resolution with your present client base (increasing income + impact), group, or team.  


Receive your other free masterclass:  Be/Loved - Making Love to the divine for more with Money+ Men.

Be/Loved was originally a paid offer and event at $397.  Free when you opt in. Together we release anger at masculinity, the patriarchy, and religion .....and transform it into more with money and men.  Note. This includes s/x magic and gets racy.  Bonus modules on masculinity vs patriarchy.  It being free may be very time limited, so grab it now. 



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Include Feature or current course here.  These courses will help you learn how to transform your biggest blocks so that you can become your most powerful self – through methods of breath work, guidance, and meditation.

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" I recently completed Asherah's 6 month business coaching program....this program changed my life... Through my work with Asherah, I was able to deeply heal and clear blocks that were preventing me from my sense of Self-Worth and Soul work; busting out of a system (and set of beliefs) that didn't feel supportive professionally or financially. By clearing these ancient belief systems and voices that were bringing me down and making me small, I finally had the confidence required to go create my own system and body of work.... I cannot say enough about Asherah's power to blend both personal healing and growth work in with the very concrete biz tools she gives you to support a true career shift. She is deeply intuitive, nurturing, and skilled at bringing out people's true calling in the world, and who they BE as light workers on the planet!  So grateful for this experience"

-Sarah Bryanne Grady, M.A, Author,  "Homecoming:  A Feminine GPS for a Lost World".

"Asherah has broken many rules of our industry, and has in the process made money through financial domination, sex magic, trauma work, business coaching, and whatever she touches has this feminine Loki-esque vibe of mischief, disruptor and indomitable spirit. She has helped me to connect back to myself, to be more unapologetic, to own my own power and to take up more space. Working with her has been, and continues to be, truly magical."

-Mx. Harris Eddie Hill, Master Trauma Healer
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Receive Your Free Masterclass: The Initiation: Invoking Your Legacy Level Impact Into Form. 


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