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"Asherah is a gifted intuitive counselor and healer. I received a reading and healing session from her and being a reader and healer myself, was impressed and touched by her abilities. She spoke to the heart of the matter in a way that disarmed any reservations I might've had and allowed me to receive her wisdom and input. She also picked up on things about me that she couldn't have known which was a further indication of her being "on.".... and yoga instruction.  Asherah Eden is definitely one of the carriers of feminine healing and wisdom for the 21st century."

-Kamala Leslie, Oakland, CA

"Asherah's courage in facing the darkness of all human conditioning is what makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to inspiring and facilitating total healing of the mind-body temple.  ​​ With an open and awakened heart capable of deep empathy, she shares her insights, brilliance, and work with astounding clarity-resulting in a heroic unraveling of the false, which ultimately leads to the embodiment of your true nature as loving HEARTful awareness--beyond  all your programming and traumas."  

-Marja West, Founder, Absolute Balanced Mastery, Author, F/cked Wide Open. 
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Join us for the upcoming live masterclass , Blasphemy: Breaking free of the self help industry.