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Chakras spirit guides healing Pink Himalayan Salt herbalist. 

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Chakras spirit guides healing Pink Himalayan Salt herbalist. 

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Chakras spirit guides healing Pink Himalayan Salt herbalist. 

Hi, Love, I'm Asherah. 

I am a non-lineage spiritual teacher, who empowers spiritual, smart leaders to alchemize ancestral + spiritual fracture into higher levels of impact, leadership +legacy. 

My students are psychotherapists and spiritual teachers.  Master trauma healers and fledgling thought leaders.  Occupational therapists.  What they have in common is their burning desire to transform their own personal story into greater impact on the collective; and to do so at lightening-speed. 

I'm no stranger to the teacher-student dynamic.  For nearly 20  years I was a dedicated and disciplined yoga student, under varying senior teachers in both the Ashtanga and Forrest lineages;  and surrendering to the wisdom of their hands.   

My method and process with clients are heavily oriented towards reclaiming your lost and shadow; and joyfully "taboo" parts; and alchemizing them into raw, golden power.

I hold a Master's Degree in Psychology, a B.A. in Sociology, an alternative MBA, and have been facilitating transformation with individuals and groups since 2001.

I'm a former yoga teacher; a former psychotherapist, and a multipy-initiated priestess. 

Growing up, I was raised in the Jewish faith.

        In synagogue, I felt the presence of her.  The Divine Mother.  The mystical force which the Rabbi did not, could not, name. At the same time, my family of origin was rife with patriarchal trauma. 

      The conflict between these two forces was a challenging one to hold.  

   It came roaring to the surface in 2006  when I went through a profound initiatory process.  For 3 days, I felt HER again.  And then it all came crashing down. 

    I ran headfirst into a years long dark night of the soul, processing an incredibly complicated childhood.  At the same time obtaining my M.A. in Somatic Psychology and immersing myself in studies on the Divine Feminine. 

    I felt my identity shatter.

       Six years later, I landed in who I am.   As an oracle and channel of the Divine Feminine.  Much more integrated in psyche and spirit.  And holding my true name. 

      This transformation happened through redirecting myself back to my body and her wisdom and trusting every single impulse that arose.    

        This was in direct contradiction to what I had learned about both spirituality and psychology; but ultimately , it was this fierce,  more primal, raw and deep feminine medicine that set me free. 

The Method.

Your journey is an alchemical process.

It is anchored in 20 plus years of teaching and leading, my M.A. in Psychology, depth Divine Feminine initiations, and thousands of hours of somatic and yogic certifications.  Rather than a "modality" it is the synthesis of decades of study, teaching, and practice and is unavailable anywhere else on the marketplace.

1. Prelude. Dismantling  collective unconscious beliefs around emotional transformation, spirituality, and leadership.

2. Invocation.  Calling your higher self into form.   Initial initiation, invoking legacy level impact in the "now".

3. Nervous System Rewiring.  Proverbial underworld journey. Somatic trauma clears on ancestral, religious, and spiritual trauma, Reclamation of "taboo" parts of self. 

4. Pleasure and Expansion.  Reclamation of having more love, money, pleasure, attention.  The reclamation of vitality and aliveness through sensuality practices.  Women and non-binary only, pre-requisites required.

5. Impact, Leadership, and Legacy.    Your personal spiritual journey is integrated with your leadership style, and you lead at higher levels. You create legacy-level impact. 



"Asherah's courage in facing the darkness of all human conditioning is what makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to inspiring and facilitating total healing of the mind-body temple. ¬†‚Äč‚Äč With an open and awakened heart capable of deep empathy, she shares her insights, brilliance, and work with astounding clarity-resulting in a heroic unraveling of the false, which ultimately leads to the embodiment of your true nature as loving HEARTful awareness--beyond ¬†all your programming and traumas." ¬†

-Marja West, founder, Absolute Balanced Mastery (TM), author, F/cked Wide Open. 

"No one but Asherah, in all this time, has been so considerate of me inside and out, has made me feel more whole, has enlightened me to the power that exists within me. Now, I honor my feelings instead of repress them. Now, I feel connected to my body and spirit instead of being a stranger to both. Working with Asherah has simply been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received."

 -Lynne Kavanaugh
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Receive your *free* masterclass:  The Initiation:  Invoking Legacy-Level Impact into Form.