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Be/Loved: Making Love to the Divine for Your Next Levels with Money and Men:

Welcome. Love.

Be/Loved is a  tantric activation journey to connect you to your body, your erotic life force energy, and G/d....

...and from there....

to empower you to cultivate deeper intimacy with men...

...While also breaking through your next income ceiling . 

It begins with getting honest about what you *truly* desire.

  • Breaking through your next income ceiling, without burnout, crashes, or "falling back".
  • Or perhaps deeper intimacy with men........whether in romance, or healing in your family of origin.
  • Or simply, being able to experience more pleasure in your body, emotional intimacy, and better sex.

We will also briefly touch upon "The Father Wound".

  • In our personal fathers, and in God-The -Father.
  • *Very* lightly touching upon the dynamics of trauma; and clearing out space to bring our desires into form.

Reunification with the healthy masculine, without and within.
Money. Men. and God.

Note: This journey has a lot of erotic energy and content,  gets pretty deep into unwinding ancestral trauma, and is geared towards high achieving women.  If that is not aligned, please do not purchase. 


You Receive

Workshop One: Seducing G/d, Quantum Leaps, And Bringing Your Next Level Down into form

Workshop Two:  The Father Wound, Healing Lineage Trauma , and releasing the wounding of religion.

Workshop Three: Sexuality, Desire, and F/cking G/d to Call your next levels with money and men into form.  (This is a highly erotic tantric activation journey).


 Masterclass on Patriarchy VS Healthy Masculinity.

Unwinding the Father Wound livestream:   A "How to" and my personal journey